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I Know Exactly How You Feel

… As long as i can think i wanted to be an entrepreneur. and after i finished school, i started my life as an entrepreneur. not really .. i started my self employed life. i what about solopreneur. struggling, hustling, fell, stood up, fell again and stood up again and again. after years of a lot of efforts, sleepless nights and not working projects, i was in a comfortable position. i earned well and had a good running business.

but i did not have time … no time for my family, no time for vacations, no time to spend my money.

Why? because i had no team! Business was not running without me.

long time i was to stingy to hire people. than i was thinking like “nobody is able to do that. it’s so complicated, only i can do that ”. today i can tell you, that’s dumb.

when i realized what’s the difference between an solopreneur and an entrepreneur, my life changed dramatically.

today i have several business, have great teams, a lot more money and time to spend with my family.

That’s what i want to share with solopreneurs out there. 

I help people grow from Solopreneur to Entrepreneurs.

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